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700mt Sea Beach JURERÊ-FLORIANÓPOLIS-BRAZIL-Luxury Apartment 2 Suites.
Are two towers with 92 apartments located 700mt of Sea of High Luxury in Jurerê Beach-Florianópolis.Apartment of 97m2 to 324m2 on a plot of 10.000m2.Apartaments Duplex. Apartaments right foot duplex with up to 6 suites.All units with barbecue at carvon dumper (blocker smoke), 330m2 wet and pool area with infinite overboard, SPA hot and dry, Gourmet kitchen and support kitchen, 2 Feast Salons, Fitness, Relax Space, Home-Cinema, Redário, Square of Fire, Kids Space, Playground, Pet Place, Games Room, Car Wash. The surveillance system of the building will have modern electronic monitoring with more than 30 high-definition cameras distributed throughout the area of entrepreneurship, in addition integrate.Un perimeter Double lighting car access gate will inhibit entry of unidentified people in the common areas of entrepreneurship of the condominium. The common areas of the enterprise will be accessed via''RFID'' system that removes the keys and is connected by the Mobile.The building also will have a novelty on the question of secutity is ´´the vague of security´´.Building with delivery in 2.020.El building will be divided into two towers will behave units will adaptables.Los plants entity may vary 97m2 apartments and two suites, up Duplex with 324m2, double right foot and 6 Suites. The units from 160m2 will have two kitchens, one traditional and the other projected next to the room for a full gourmet including the grill space at carvon with dumper blocking smoke.The departments remaining on the ground floor have private gardens near plant and facility resources Ofurô SPA. Apartment 2 Bedrooms being Suites, 3 Bathrooms, 1 private covered garage, Area Useful 97m2, balcony, private barbecue, living room, kitchen, 1 Home-Box.VALUE of the Apartment 2suites:228.000 Euros.
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