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Helping people breathe fresh air while on China’s polluted streets.
NZ$255,000 including stock, plus GST (if any)

Air pollution contributes to the death of 1.6million Chinese per year. On high smog days, Chinese wear air masks that filter polluted air. In 2015 air canisters filled with fresh air from smog-free countries and an attached mask were successfully introduced—but they can't be used on the streets.

This New Zealand start-up company has developed an air mask system that allows people to breathe fresh air through an air mask. The system includes:
- an air mask with a rubber seal around the mouth and nose
- an air pump that pushes air through a tube to the mask every 8 seconds
- air canisters that magnetically lock into the pump
- a ring for attaching the pump to a handbag, belt or sling

A video discussing and demonstrating the air mask system is available.

The air canister factory in New Zealand has made a production run and can be used to sell normal individual canisters with an attached plastic mask.

The air mask system is at the second prototype stage and will be ready for its first production run.

The air mask system has design registration protection in New Zealand and China. This protects the visual appearance and way it is assembled. The air mask system was designed by product development that has a related company that manufactures and distributes products in China. In effect, the key people remain in place even if the owner can no longer work.

Indicative owner forecasts of NZ$6.4 million (US$4.3 million) gross margin in year 2 and breakeven in year 1. The business has been valued at the sum of its assets.

The owner's health event requires her to sell the business. She would be happy to sell only part of the business or come to a royalty arrangement.

Details of the business for sale are confidential and can only be disclosed upon contacting the advisor and completing a Confidentiality Agreement.