iOB Business adds new recruit to its development team

02 September 2020

Investing in the right people is crucial to the long term strategic vision of iOB Business. After all, every great company is defined by the calibre and quality of its employees. With that being said, iOB Business is proud to formally announce the addition of a new senior developer within their technology team.

Rizwan Khan, a senior developer, with over 10 years of experience in coding and database management has joined the team. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will help drive further innovations to the iOB Business technology platforms.

Kamran Awan, Co-Founder of iOB Business commented, “We are really excited and happy to formally welcome Rizwan to our team. With his impressive CV and skills, we believe he can build upon the fantastic foundation that has been created by our development team. There are some really interesting platform innovations that we are looking to press forward with and Rizwan will be a key help in driving these forward.”

With a dual focus on their custom technology platforms and vital commercial infrastructure, iOB Business is well placed to serve the needs of their growing network and their partners' clients.

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