iOB Business adds new video content to partner websites

26 October 2020

One of the most popular ways to consume information is through video. With YouTube being recognised as the world's second largest search engine, it is clear that people like engaging with video content. 

Partners that join the iOB Business network benefit from receiving a partner centric brand which includes a customised website for their Digital Agency. However, the team at iOB Business wants to make the customer experience as interactive as possible for potential clients that are interested in working with their network.

Therefore, iOB Business is happy to announce the addition of new explainer videos that it has customised and added to each partner's website. These videos give prospective clients an overview of the Digital Agency as well as summarising the various technology solutions available.

Kamran Awan, Co-Founder of iOB Business said, “We are super committed to helping our partners grow their Digital Agencies with us. Our team has an extensive roadmap of features, content and tools that we are actively deploying to help our partners provide a one stop agency solution to their clients. As a network, we understand that well all have a part to play in evolving our business model to meet the expectations of our clients. We are very excited for the journey ahead.”

The new video content is part of a broader mix of initiatives that the team at iOB Business is rolling out to ensure their partner network stays ahead of the curve when it comes to helping local businesses with their digital footprint.

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