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Population Primary sectors Hotspots
1,214,839 Construction, Services Calgary, Airdrie

Calgary is the third largest city in Alberta and a leader in oil and gas. However, the city has diversified away from fossil fuels in recent years and invested heavily in architecture, design, engineering and the sciences. Calgary’s 1.2 million citizens benefit from low unemployment rates and high GDP per capita.

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Population Primary sectors Hotspots
899,447 Professional Services Edmonton, St. Albert

Edmonton is Alberta’s second largest city with around 900,000 citizens. Boasting the world’s second-largest oil and gas reserves after Saudi Arabia, it remains a formidable staging point for both the oil and diamond mining industries. It offers entrepreneurs top-class infrastructure and the most competitive tax environment of 107 international cities analysed by KMPG.

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Population Primary sectors Hotspots
2,463,700 Tech & Media Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby

Vancouver is the most populous city in British Columbia and consistently makes the top five world cities for quality of life in respected liveability indexes – in one case for five consecutive years. A powerhouse of industry and innovation too, Vancouver is a major center for mining, biotech, film, animation, software development and video game development.

Popular businesses for sale in Vancouver

Population Primary sectors Hotspots
4,400,057 Services, Real Estate

British Columbia’s climate, which is more temperate than most of Canada, has created a huge agricultural sector and contributed to a thriving tourism industry. The city also generates considerable tax revenue from logging, mining and small businesses supporting these industries. However, the city has remodelled itself as a service-based economy based on successful finance, insurance, real estate and corporate management sectors.

Popular businesses for sale in British Columbia

Population Primary sectors Hotspots
2.6 million Retail, Leisure, Services Downtown, West End, Midtown

Home to 2.6 million inhabitants Toronto is Canada’s most populated city and more populous than all but three US cities. The city is also recognized as one of the world’s most multicultural cities. Yes, it’s also the most expensive place to live in Canada – but this has a positive dimension for entrepreneurs: affluent consumers with money to spend.

Popular businesses for sale in Toronto

Population Primary sectors Hotspots
1.6 million Tech & Media

Quebec’s largest economic center and the second largest of any Canadian city, Montreal excels in the fields of aerospace, engineering, finance, pharmaceuticals, design and education. The city, which has a population of more than 1.6 million, is also a world-renowned hub for the film and video gaming industries.

Popular businesses for sale in Montréal

Population Primary sectors Hotspots
4,586,353 Hotels & Motels Playas del Coco

Costa Rica is one of the most environmentally sustainable countries in the world, which has helped shape the country in to an essential tourism attraction in Latin America. Politically, it’s fared well since the end of the recession in 1997, and has remained stable. The economy has been further encouraged by significant domestic and foreign investment with its main industries spanning across electronic circuits, food processing, medical equipment and agriculture.

Popular businesses for sale in Costa Rica

Population Primary sectors Hotspots
5,564,635 Leisure Belize City

Belize is an incredibly biodiverse country with over 60% of its land covered in forest, and home to the Belize barrier reef. Belize’s economy relied on forestry well in to the 20th century, though now the country is heavily dependent on agriculture, energy, tourism and transport.

Popular businesses for sale in Belize

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