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How to Run a Bakery

Running a bakery in Canada involves plenty of early starts, an appetite for hard work and a sprinkling of determination.

You'll also need a generous dollop of creativity and a good understanding of business management skills.

There are many common misconceptions about running a bakery in Canada.

Many people think that running a bakery is all about decorating cakes and having fun - and to a large extent, it is. However, if you want your bakery to grow and prosper in a highly competitive market - there are a lot of other things that need to be taken into consideration, such as marketing, strategic planning, and expenses.

Soaring demand in Canada

The demand for croissants, cakes, and bread in Canada is a growing sector - with monthly sales of bakery products increasing massively from 2014 to 2017.

Despite rising wheat prices, this increase in demand is forecasted to continue, particularly in special dietary products, such as gluten-free bread and products made from alternatives to wheat flour, such as chia flour and rice flour.

What does it take to run a successful bakery?

It’s essential to employ - or be - a skilled baker, ideally with a creative flair and an eye for design.

A marketing strategy is essential for the scalability of your bakery. Identify your core customers and target them accordingly.

Engaging regularly on social media websites, such as Twitter and Instagram, is also hugely beneficial to not only build awareness for your business but also to remain on trend with what is popular in your industry on a regular basis.

These days, however, competition in the baked goods sector can be pretty fierce, so to keep ahead of the game it is also vital to have an excellent understanding of your own branding.

This should be reflected in every area of your business and at every opportunity - from paper serviettes to your company logo on the packaging.

Area and competition

Your main competitors might include large retail stores with their own bakery section and other small artisan bakeries.

Try to have a unique selling point (USP) and make sure you inform people about it.

If you only use locally sourced ingredients - tell people; if everything is completely handmade or you offer a range of tempting vegan baked goods, make sure this key fact is included in all of your marketing materials.

Consider the demographics of your local area and its impact on your business.

Are you near several schools or retirement homes for example, to whom you could offer a delivery service, or are you in a busy city centre with a lively lunchtime trade?

Keeping up-to-date

A successful bakery needs to stay on track with the latest foodie fads; whether these are sourdough loaves, artisanal rolls made from spelt or vegan blueberry muffins.

Innovative bakeries are more likely to attract positive attention and new customers.

The latest thing to avoid is single-use plastics - so announcing you only use recyclable cardboard and drinking straws can be a progressive and innovative move.


Employees are the key to a thriving bakery.

Ensure that you hire motivated staff and train them well. Involve your employees in meetings about how to improve your business and be generous with praise for their progress and achievements. 

Try and keep expenses to a minimum

To increase profitability, aim to reduce expenditure in all areas, except if doing so would have a negative impact on the quality of your products.

Encourage employees to minimize food waste. Consider switching suppliers to lower costs if possible.

Whether you operate a designer cake decorating business from home in Vancouver or own a chic little patisserie in Montreal; one thing is for sure - running a bakery is hard work but extremely rewarding.

There are certainly plenty of exciting bakery opportunities to become involved in this appetizing sector.

Bruce Hakutizwi

About the author

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