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Sector Spotlight: Kennels

Passionate about dogs? This could be the industry for you!

Pet-related businesses are on the rise in Canada. This makes a dog boarding facility the perfect business for a pet-loving entrepreneur. 

More and more Canadians are choosing to become ‘pet parents’ but they are also traveling more than ever before. This combination means that your dog kennels can become a very popular option for people as long as you market it well. 

Continued growth

Over the next five years, this industry will continue to grow as the per capita income in Canada keeps rising. As Canadians make more money, they are more likely to not only get pets but also spend more on these pets.

At the same time, millennials are more likely to get a pet than their older generational counterparts.


Millennials and their pets 

Millennials are a generation that is getting married and having children later than the generations before them. This means that a lot of millennials are getting pets in lieu of children.

This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to start a boarding facility for dogs. To really take advantage of this opportunity, however, you will need to know how to market your business.

A lot of millennials will also be willing to spend more on their pets to make sure that they are getting the best treatment. If you want to appeal to this market, you will need to think about the services that you offer and the aesthetics of your business.

Examples of these services are regular updates along with photos to the owners, strong social media presence, high-quality facilities and more. There are even luxury dog kennels that have TVs for the dogs to watch.

However, any services you include or don’t include should be informed by your market research. If you are in an urban centre like Toronto, Ottawa or Vancouver you will probably want to aim for a more luxury kennel service. This may not be the case further from such densely populated areas.


Setting up a kennel

Owning and running a kennel is going to be time-consuming and difficult. You need to make sure that you are passionate about having a career working with animals. Your hours will be long, but they can be extremely rewarding.

Before getting started, make sure that you have the right kind of training and skills. Having some knowledge of animal behaviours will go a long way in running a successful dog boarding facility. You should also get familiar with A Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations.

You should have the right kind of plan set out about how you will plan your kennel once it is up and running. This will help inform you about which business you should buy. Once you have bought the right business, you can make adjustments to make it your perfect business, however, it’s always good to have a platform to start from.

Matthew Hernon

About the author

Matthew Hernon is an Account Manager at Dynamis looking after Business Transfer Agents and Franchises across and

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