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How your haunted business can make you money

Ghostly sightings and bumps in the night can be dealt with, or even turned to your business' advantage.

A haunting can be disruptive and costly to any enterprise, not to mention frightening.  

But don't worry! Ghostly sightings and bumps in the night can be dealt with, or even turned to your business' advantage. 

Are you really dealing with a ghost?

Hold off calling an exorcist until we've ruled out any obvious (and not so obvious) possible causes:

Vermin  - Do you have food remnants scattered on your property?  Are there any small access points?

Drafts  - Are those doors slamming shut due to a through flow from windows?.  

Neighbours - Could those strange bangs be next door doing building work, or your pets strange behavior be triggered by the opposite flat's new bass heavy sound system?

How do you know for sure?

Get a second opinion and record your findings: can a friend also see that image of your Aunt Mabel behind the curtain when you turn the lights out?  Record or film your sightings on your mobile phone and share the footage. 

There are stacks of resources available online: a wide variety of websites can help offer alternative theories, and may offer a fresh perspective you hadn't previously considered.

We're not saying you're crazy, but consider your own state of mind: are you overworked or stressed? Extreme tiredness and lack of proper rest can lead to hallucinations, and a trip to your GP could help explain your Sixth Sense style sightings, or at least provide reassurance that you're mentally sound enough to take the next step.

How a ghost can benefit your business

Blogs are a great way to communicate with your customers, why not start one detailing your real life ghostbusting efforts? It's a great bit of marketing in showcasing an exciting new side to your business. And discussing the issue will make you feel better,

A haunted business could be turned into a profitable asset depending on the nature of your operation – advertise the fact and make it a selling point!  

Haunted cafes, bookshops, hotels – anything with added spirits will stand out from the norm, marketing your business as haunted could attract an inquisitive and potentially lucrative base of open minded folk looking for something a little different.

Sit back and relax

So what if your dead uncle Ted occasionally drifts into your office offering tales of ghostly adventure?  This is a unique opportunity to talk to a deceased loved one.

You have a direct line to the afterlife – it's certainly more interesting than that spreadsheet -  why not spend some time catching up?  Get a cup of tea and have a chat, ghosts only used to be people after all.

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Glen Pickard

About the author

Glen Pickard is a freelance writer based in Bristol. Since graduating from Buckinghamshire New University with a degree in Film and Media, Glen has worked with major building solutions companies in a variety of roles. Glen's work also includes film reviews, script consultancy and podcasting.

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