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Sector Spotlight: Cafés

There are a lot of competing cafés these days so how will you make yours stand out?

Cafés have had a long and interesting history that has got them to where they are now.

Throughout many parts of the world, cafés have served as a social meeting point where ideas were shared between people. They were places where people could congregate, write or read.

This has not changed. Cafés are still these places for a lot of their customers. 

The experience

Since their inception, whether intended or not, the purpose of the café has been more about the experience of the customer than just about the product that it serves.

These spaces were home to debate for philosophers in the age of enlightenment and they were performance venues for writers and musicians in the Beatnik era.

There is a lot of competition for independent cafes that come from huge companies that are creating a cost-effective and convenient option for consumers and it can be difficult to compete.

Focusing on the experience of the customer, however, is what will allow you to thrive in a time where younger generations are becoming more and more concerned with their experience when they part with their money.

The systems

The systems that a café has in place will determine how easy it is for customers to come to your establishment. The way that customers order their food and drink, how it is served to them and where they pay will all add up to formulate the way that a customer will remember your café.

This will influence whether or not they come back.

Technological advancements are revolutionising the options that are available to the foodservice industry and so it is important that any café carefully considers what it is that will best suit the type of business that they have and type of customer that they are wanting to attract.

The staff

The staff that you hire and the way that they are trained matter. The interaction that a customer has with the people working in a café is an important part of the customer’s experience.

The staff should be engaged and knowledgeable about what they are serving, and it can go a long way to create an inviting environment if they are able to recognise the customers that keep coming back.

Cafés that invest in their staff will reap the rewards and customers will be able to tell if the staff are authentically happy or not.

The food

Serving the same thing year in and year out can be good if it’s a classic that people know you for, but it can be a great draw for customers if you keep in mind what it is that they want.

Health has become a big trend and a lot of people like to go out to eat at a café but still be able to eat healthy food.

Trends like these as well as other dietary differences that have become popular are easy to add to your menu and will help to draw in more customers.

Buying the right café is an important first step. The next steps are just as important, though.

You will need to keep working hard and changing things when its needed if you want to create the kind of place that customers will love coming to.

Anthea Taylor

About the author

Anthea Taylor is Content Producer at Dynamis and writes for all titles in the Dynamis stable including, and as well as other industry publications.

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