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Why buy a gas station?

A gas station can be a profitable business especially if you have a secondary source of income attached to it such as a convenience store, repair shop or car wash. Players in the industry in Canada are becoming more efficient and profitable.If you are able to consider these points when finding the right business to buy, you will have a potential gold mine on your hands.

Popular gas stations for sale

Why buy a pharmacy?

If you are hoping to do well in this industry, find a business to buy that you will be able to expand in the future. Pharmacies will always be needed and, if you are able to cater to your local community, you will become a staple for your customers.

Popular pharmacies for sale

Why buy a manufacturing business?

The manufacturing sector has benefited from advancements in technology. It is also still a large and vital part of the Canadian economy. SMEs dominate this sector and it is very diversified making it a great option for you.

Popular manufacturing for sale

Why buy a food business?

Food businesses are a staple of everyday life. Look for a business that you will be able to grow or expand so that you can increase profits in the future in order to ensure success. Keep up to date with the shifting trends in this industry to guarantee that you remain relevant.

Popular food businesses for sale

Why buy a construction business?

Canada has one of the world’s strongest commercial and residential construction industries. While new construction is less likely to occur in times of economic downturn, repair and refurbishment jobs will be on the rise. Therefore, there can be a lot of opportunities for businesses that are able to pivot.

Popular construction for sale

Why buy a retail business?

The key to retail is to find a business that will be able to keep up with changing consumer habits. If you are looking to buy a brick and mortar, make sure that there is a good footfall and a solid marketing strategy. There is, however, huge potential for those retail businesses that operate online and have delivery. Businesses like that will be able to weather the storms that brick and mortars are not able to.

Popular retail for sale

Why buy a maintenance business?

A maintenance business is one that will be busy all year round. Every building will need maintenance of some sort, residential and commercial, therefore, there is the potential to have a wide range of customers. You are also able to find a niche and specialise in either large scale or small-scale projects.

Popular maintenance for sale

Why buy a takeaway?

Takeaway businesses have kept growing in popularity and they will continue to do so. Consumers love convenience and this is set to continue. Investing in a business that will allow you to cater to this trend will give you the opportunity to build a very successful enterprise.

Popular takeaways for sale

Why buy a coffee shop?

Canadians drink 2.1 billion servings of coffee each year, and is gradually shifting away from traditional drip brewed to speciality coffees. A coffee shop is best owned by a perfectionist. Distilling the ingredients, staff and ambience into a mix that is ‘just so’ is the defining goal of independent café culture.

Popular coffee shops for sale

Why buy a car wash business?

A car wash can come in various different forms. For some owners, the lower staffing and maintenance needs make self-serve car washes the more palatable choice, whereas staffed tunnel service brings prestige to the service. Car wash owners rarely have to compete with huge companies too, with 99.8% of all car wash owners falling in to the category of micro or small businesses.

Popular car wash businesses for sale

Why buy an rv park?

Tempted by the steady, often strong returns offered by residential property, an RV park could be a great alternative. RV parks are great for friendly owners that don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Capital expenses are usually lower that other types of tourist and residential accommodation, and unforeseen risks and maintenance costs are much lower than most bricks-and-mortar businesses too.

Popular rv parks for sale

Why buy a care home?

Few sectors are guaranteed long-term growth like the care home industry. Western societies are getting older, and people are demanding higher levels of care for their loved ones. As a buyer, you must consider whether a retirement home, where seniors need minimal support, or homes designed for vulnerable people who require 24-hour nursing care, suit your attributes best.

Popular care homes for sale

Why buy a hotel?

Hotels are the workhorses of the tourism industry. A tolerance of long hours, working weekends and out-of-season personal holidays; a strong worth ethic; and an eagerness to please are essential to the makeup of a successful hotelier. Meet these demanding criteria and you can enjoy a business where every day is different and the rewards lie in making people happy.

Popular hotels for sale

Why buy an internet business?

An online business is a great way to have a store that operates 24 hours a day, with you choosing your own hours. Many can be operated by a single person, and with some distributors offering drop shipping, you’re able to focus on the running and marketing of the website, rather than managing stock levels.

Popular internet businesses for sale

Why buy a motel?

A motel, essentially a hotel without internal corridors, is designed with a motorist in mind. Location is still key, as with a hotel, but a motel owner chooses a location based on very different criteria. A tolerance of long hours, working weekends and out-of-season personal holidays; a strong worth ethic; and an eagerness to please are essential to the makeup of a successful motelier

Popular motels for sale

Why buy a convenience store?

Every day, 10 million Canadians visit a convenience store – that’s more than one in four people. And few businesses are more recession-proof; whatever the economic weather, people still need milk, bread, washing powder and other basics. It’s also a business that requires no specialist skills – just a strong work ethic and a willingness to work long hours and weekends.

Popular convenience stores for sale

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