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How to Run a Pet Grooming Business in Canada

Learn the tips and tricks to increasing your revenue, marketing your business, and retaining your employees. This article can help you reach new heights and operate a profitable business.

It has been estimated that almost half of the people residing in Canada own a pet. Given that many owners in the country live in a condo and work full time, they are worried about the health and welfare of their pets whenever they leave them alone.

For this reason, the pet industry in Canada thrives and offers a wide range of pet-related opportunities, including grooming. Given that people adore their pets, they are bound to come to you to groom them. Below are multiple ways to ensure your business is the first choice for pet owners.

Employ Pet Care Business Software

Our economy is dominated by technological advancements, so you need to be at the top of your game to progress. 

Software such as Time to Pet and Pawloyalty Software are quite popular in the country and help keep track of anything and everything that a pet grooming business could need. This includes marketing, communication, groomer schedules, appointments, payments, and much more.

Conducting Market Research

On account of increased disposable income and rising consumer confidence, the industry had projected a positive trend in the propensity of consumers to spend on the well-being of their pets.

However, a revenue decline of around 15% ensued in the pet grooming industry shortly after the coronavirus pandemic hit.

It is because of significant changes like these and their impact that you need to stay on top of the changing tastes of consumers. Luckily, there are services that can help you do that.

Abacus Data

This market research service offers a wide range of tools and strategies designed to aid businesses in Canada to keep up with the evolving demand of the consumers. You can easily hire them and engage your key stakeholders.

Thinking About Relevant Costs

Here are the major cost-related areas that you need to figure out.


If part of your pet grooming business involves the making and, therefore, selling of pet food, then Canadian law requires you to be aware of several regulations. You can easily find this information on the website run by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


To simplify the process, some businesses in the industry bought off already furnished premises explicitly designed for dog grooming. You can become a part of this trend too. Property in Surrey of British Columbia with all the essentials can be purchased for $675,000, whereas one in Markham of Ontario can be bought for $49,500.

Some industry insights

  • The pet market is worth a total of roughly $8.9 billion.
  • Ontario houses the highest number of pet supplies stores.
  • PetSmart has 92 pet stores in Canada and is regarded as the top supply chain.

Progressing Towards Increased Revenue

Of course, part of running a business means that you also want to increase your revenue. Here are some ways that can help you achieve this goal or progress towards it.

  1. Offer discounts to returning customers.
  2. Establish a referral program.
  3. Respond to reviews that pet owners leave on your website.
  4. Offer a variety of services to pet parents, such as complimentary teeth cleaning services or providing treatment for skin conditions in pets. You can also start your own brand of pet food.
  5. Provide deodorizing and flea treatments.

Market Your Way to the Top

  1. Enhance your social media presence by engaging with your customers. Since they often visit the web, be sure to use social media platforms to hold their interest. This could include sharing before-and-after transformation photos and videos.
  2. Host giveaways as part of a loyalty reward program.
  3. Network with related businesses, such as vet shops and pet food businesses. The latter is an excellent option if you do not offer the same services. Leaving your business card with them and offering to do the same can aid in marketing.

Financing Options

Numerous government sources in Canada provide contributions, loan guarantees, subsidies, and grants to pet grooming businesses.

Here are some of these services and the amount they usually provide. However, you can also do your own research by using Innovation Canada’s online search tool.

  1. Sharpshooter Funding: $1K to $300K
  2. Ondeck: $5K to $300K
  3. Lending Loop: $1K to $500K

Incentivizing Your Staff

Animal care workers are supposed to handle, feed, train, and most importantly, groom the pets that owners drop off. From clipping coats to bathing the furry little (or big) ones, they are responsible for multiple issues.

Therefore, it is vital to train them. Here are some tips on how to enhance the skills of your staff and retain them.

  1. Provide opportunities for special courses as part of job rotation.
  2. Offer them the chance to work with animal clinics and hospitals, animal shelters, zoos, boarding and breeding facilities, and laboratories to add to their experience.
  3. Have training programs and seminars to polish their interpersonal, administrative, and observation skills.

Exit Strategies You Need to Consider

There are a wide range of entrepreneurs who eventually decide to sell a business, shortly after it takes off, so that they can move on to the next big thing in their lives.

Fortunately, this is nothing new in the pet business in Canada. Here are some tips to keep in mind when exiting the market.

  1. Draw up a detailed and extensive plan for the proceedings. Write up several objectives to keep you on track.
  2. It is important to remember that buyers are searching for a stable and profitable business. Thus, it is recommended to conduct a valuation of your business before deciding to sell it to ensure that it is worth the investment buyers will be making.
  3. The proceedings may get technical, which is why you may need to bring a professional on board to help you through the process, especially when it comes to negotiating a business.

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