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Cafe & Coffee franchises in Canada

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Blenz Coffee

Blenz Coffee

Franchising with Blenz is a great opportunity to join an established coffee company with a solid business model. Min. Investment: $350,000


Chachi’s gourmet sandwich franchise is looking for great franchise partners in Western Canada!

Franchise Spotlight: Cafe and coffee

Canadians love coffee and the successful franchises in this industry prove it!

Coffee is part of most Canadians’ daily routine. This is reflected in the growth and success of the industry and the franchises in it. The industry is filled with a combination of Canadian and international brands and there are even some chains that are localized by province.

Some of these brands include Balzac’s Coffee Roasters, Coffee Time, Blenz Coffee and, of course, Tim Hortons and Starbucks. These businesses really benefit from the economies of scale that come with franchising and are able to offer their customers good value for money.

Industry analysis

Cafes and coffee shops are often open early but close in the evening. These hours are quite attractive to many franchisees who are looking for a good work/life balance.

Even though the focus of these businesses is usually on coffee, they provide additional food and drink options. The specifics of which are dependent on the business. A lot of coffee shops tend to serve pastries and/ or snacks and doughnuts, of course, but there are some that serve ice-cream, cupcakes or bagels.

More and more customers are also after a wider range of coffee options.

Coffee culture is growing, and brand names are growing with it. This industry is sure to continue to grow over the coming decades. Many customers are after a recognized and trusted brand name so that they can be sure of what they are getting. If coffee is part of people’s routine, brand names become part of this routine. This is more evidence of the benefits of becoming a franchisee in this sector.