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Smoothies & Juice franchises in Canada

We currently don’t have any listings under this category but we have put together concise industry analysis below to help you make an informed franchising decision.

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Franchise Spotlight: Smoothies and Juice

With health-culture booming, this is a sector that is successfully franchised and looks set to grow.

The juice mixture and smoothie sector reached over CA$700million in 2021, a figure which is predicted to grow annually by 4.86% (Statista), making the Smoothie and Juice sector an exciting one in which to franchise. 

The juice and smoothie industry primarily manufactures and sells fruit and vegetable drinks. With an increase in people looking for healthier alternatives to snacks and drinks, this is a sector that is well franchised. Sales in smoothies and cold drinks can fluctuate in response to the seasons and so businesses have benefited from also providing hot drinks or making seasonal alternatives. Some companies have also created niches within the market - such as providing energy drinks to complement the health and fitness industries.

Franchisees will need to consider how they will be able to stand out in a busy market and what USPs the business can offer. This is a fast-paced industry that needs to be aware of current trends in the food and drinks sector to ensure they stay aligned with consumer needs. Smoothies and juices are easily adapted to include popular ingredients as well as being easily adapted to suit a range of consumer needs, such as smoothies for the vegan market.

Gong Cha has focused on selling bubble tea and has successfully franchised by creating this USP in a busy market. Boost Juice boasts a large number of juice and smoothie stores that franchisees own and manage, offering premium products from local and sustainable food sources.

Smoothie and Juice Industry Analysis

The smoothie and juice sector is a competitive and fast-changing market. Franchisees entering this market will benefit from the already established brand and consumer base of a larger company. There are mobile options available to franchisees as well as the opportunities to own and manage your own store where you manage a team of salespeople.

Experience in the smoothie and juice sector is generally not necessary but some companies will be keen for franchisees to have experience in quick service restaurants and a good understanding of the business requirements and trends in the market.

Franchisees will need to consider unique selling points and how they will diversify or adapt to suit consumer needs. With more consumers placing greater importance on sustainable goods and services, companies which allow customers to bring their own reusable cups, for example, are much more appealing. For franchisees with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for customer care, the smoothie and juice sector is one that looks set for a delicious and lucrative future.