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Types of franchises and categories in Canada

Running your own business is a way for you to invest in your future and, for many, becoming a franchisee is a way to do this while still getting support along this journey. Finding the perfect franchise for you is a vital component to your success.

Start your research here by looking through the options that are available to you and find the franchise that combines your passion, skills and goals.

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Canada has a history of automotive manufacturing and the industry remains significant in the country. This is why, going into a business that is in this industry, whether directly or indirectly, can be extremely lucrative. Becoming a franchisee in the sector will give you the backing of a parent company that will offer you training and let you buy into an established brand.


This is a growing industry in Canada and investing in a franchise in this sector will let you become a part of this. With social media and a growth in the male grooming industry there is a lot of room to establish a successful business, but it is a competitive industry, and the backing of a franchisor will let you take advantage of bigger marketing budgets.

Building Maintenance

There has been a rise in construction spending and the outsourcing of building maintenance services has risen concurrently. As a franchisee, you will be able to grow your business by gaining your customers’ trust and becoming the service that they rely on. The franchisor that you choose should be able to give you leads that you can use to leap straight into business.


The urban hubs of the country are where the business industry thrives, and this is something to keep in mind when looking to invest in a franchise. The business service sector in Canada is a large employer and there are a lot of opportunities available to entrepreneurs. This is also a sector that is set to continue to grow and you can build a successful future in this industry.


The private care industry in Canada is made up of many small businesses that provide a wide range of services. The franchise model is one that works successfully in this sector and can cover medical and non-medical related services. Find the opportunity that fits your passions.


Franchises in this sector will give you established processes and branding which will give you a leg up in the industry as parents will want to trust any business that they use. Popular franchises in this industry include tutoring, swimming lessons and art classes.


The commercial cleaning industry adds billions of dollars to the economy and more people are outsourcing their home cleaning too. So, becoming a franchisee in this industry will give you the chance to run a business in a successful and growing industry.

Clothing & Accessories

Big brands take up the biggest share of the clothing and accessories and so becoming a franchisee of a well-known brand is the perfect way to remain competitive. Online shopping has become more important to customers in recent years so, before choosing a franchise, consider what ecommerce options they offer.


This sector has many small companies in it with smaller a smaller staff. If you are going into this industry, you will be able to run a competitive franchise with a small number of employees or, in some cases, franchisors will welcome you as a one-person business.


Canada has a great education system but there is a lot of room for franchises that offer after-school educational activities. There are many established franchisors in this industry that parents trust and you can hit the ground running by investing in one of these franchisors.


You can run a really successful events business on your own or with a relatively small team. Becoming a franchisee will mean getting the support of a franchisor that will give you access to leads and the chance to take on proven and refined systems.

Flowers, Gifts & Card

It has become the norm to mark several occasions with flowers, cards and gifts and so the demand for these items has increased. As many of these businesses operate online and with delivery, it can be advantageous to invest in a franchise so that you can take on systems that are already tried and tested.


The food industry in Canada is huge and there are thousands of opportunities for hardworking entrepreneurs. You will need to carefully consider the hours that you are willing to work as many franchises will need you to be open in the evenings and weekend.


A rise in health consciousness among Canadians is great news for businesses in this sector. Becoming a franchisee in this industry will require that you import the systems and layout of the franchisor but this is great for new business owners who will also have the advantage of taking on recognised branding.


When it comes to the Canadian Hair market, hair colouring is actually the most popular service. Other popular services include hair cutting and hair products. A franchisee in this sector can run a lucrative business if they are able to diversify their services and become the port of call for their customers when it comes to hair!


In this industry, becoming a franchisee will give you access to a proven business formula and the training and guidance of the franchisor. There are a wide range of options that fall under this sector so, whether you choose skin care, health care or health food, you can find a franchise that will suit your passions and can take advantage of the population’s rising obsession with health-related businesses.

Home Based

Many people go into franchising for the freedom that it can offer you as a business owner. One of these freedoms is being able to work from home and that is why we have put together all the work from home options in one place.

Home Improvement

Whether you are planning on running a home improvement business that focuses on gardens, interiors or supplies, there are plenty of options available for potential franchisees. More and more home improvement tasks are being outsourced and running a franchise will allow you to cash in on this.


There has been a steady increase in revenue in this sector over the years. There is a steady stream of customers and so it is a relatively secure business. Recognised brands do particularly well in this sector as they give customers a reliable and trustworthy service.

Legal & Finance

The speciality you are keen on focusing on will determine the franchise that you decide to invest in. You may be required to have specific qualifications in order to enter this sector so consider this when researching the right franchise for you.


Running a business in this sector can bring you so much job satisfaction as you bring joy to your customers and provide them with some much needed down time. There are a lot of franchises that will give you the work-life balance that you are after.

Mail & Courier

As online sales continue to rise in Canada, demand for mail delivery and courier services is going to increase. Your business will thrive if you are able to offer diversified services to your customers. Keep this in mind when you are researching the right franchise for you.

Media & Marketing

Canada has a large marketing and advertising industry and there are multiple businesses in this sector taking advantage of the budgets that companies are spending on outsourcing their marketing. There is a lot of competition in this industry and so it can help you to have a franchisor behind you supporting you and marketing your brand.

Pawn Broker

Pawn brokering is a very old industry and there are multiple options available for anyone wanting to enter the sector. As a pawn broker, you will be offering secured loans to people in exchange for their items of personal property.

Personal Services

Any business that provides a personal service to a business or individual will fall under this category so you will need to determine your passions in order to settle on the right franchise for you. You could find a franchise in accounting, law, health services, consulting and more.


Pet owners in Canada are spending more and more on their fury friends and, if you have a passion for pets, this is the perfect industry for you. There are so many options to choose from so you should look to the future when deciding on which one to invest in.


Commercial and portrait photography in Canada has grown as disposable incomes increase. Along with this comes significant competition in the industry. A lot of your competition will come from other small businesses and having an established brand behind you will be a great advantage which is why investing in a franchise is a great way to go.


The property market in Canada has become more about services than space. Toronto and Vancouver are still top of the list when it comes to property markets but there are plenty of opportunities in every region. Investing in a franchise will give you the leg up when it comes to leads and brand recognition.

Signs & Printing

This industry has come to rely on digital technologies more and more over the years and becoming a franchisee will give you the chance to adapt these in your business and get the right training. Make sure that will be able to have a great relationship with the franchisor before you invest in a franchise.

Sports and Fitness

Health and lifestyle awareness has gained momentum in society and, along with this, there is a greater demand for sports and fitness businesses. Find a niche that will allow you to get a loyal following and regular customer. You should also keep in mind that having an established franchise behind you will be of great benefit.

Top Franchises

With so many amazing opportunities in franchising, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your search. That’s why we have grouped together all the top franchises in one place so you can find the franchise that is the perfect for you.


You can turn your love of travel into your career by becoming a franchisee in this sector. Make sure that you have good customer service skills and are a very organised person. Keep in mind that most of your work will happen online.

Van Based

There are a lot of different sectors that can be classified as van based- from catering to handyman services. Decide what you sector you are interested in and narrow down your search. This sector is particularly attractive to anyone who is looking to run a business from home and their van rather than investing in an office space.


The relationship between you and the franchisor will be particularly important in this sector. So, find a company that you are passionate about and get to know the parent company before signing on the dotted line.


More women than ever are choosing to run their own business and becoming a franchisee is a really popular way to do this. Take a look at some of the franchise options that are aimed specifically at women and get on your way to running a business that you can fit around your schedule and your budget.

Business format
TThis type of franchise is one that allows you to buy into an established brand name and will let you become a business owner that gets the backing and support of a parent company. You will pay royalties and a franchisor fee in return for this support.
This type of franchise is one that will require your investment and the ability to run a franchise but will not require that you are involved in the day to day running of the business. Consider your skillset when deciding on the right type of franchise to invest in.
Conversion franchising lets franchisors increase the locations that they have and the reach of their business by switching multiple locations to franchises. Another type of conversion franchising is when similar independent businesses become franchise units.
If you are looking to manufacture and sell the goods of a franchisor, you will be looking to enter into a manufacturing franchise agreement. The product that you sell will have the name and trademark of the franchisor and be made to the specifications of the franchisor.
Job Franchising
If you are looking to be responsible for the day to day running of the business and providing the services or product, you should be looking to invest in a job franchise. This will also include work from home or van-based franchises.